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Welcome to Saint Rafqa's website.  A quite place for comfort, peace and prayer.   

Purity is the Ultimate Love
Saint Rafqa understood that the vow of purity released her of all human attachments and diverted her entire love toward Christ, her heavenly Groom. He transfers these human feelings, desires and self-indulgence toward a love of God and His Plan of Salvation on earth. Purity is the summit of pure love gushing freely from a heart devoted to the Will of God. 
Father Paul Sfeir
Oh, Jesus Christ, our God and Lord, You imprinted Your image of salvation upon the life of Saint Rafqa and made her a beloved one and a loyal worker because she prayed and shared with You in the Mystery of Redemption.
We humble ourselves before You, with her prayers and a plea, so that You may bless the children, enlighten the youth, make the weariness of people an occasion of grace and goodness, give the sick and those who are suffering the grace of healing, joy and happiness, and grant what they request to whoever prays to You in churches and monasteries. 

And as You have honored Rafqa by letting her see Your Heavenly Light, allow us throughout our life to live like her in faith, hope and love, to glorify and thank You with her, with the Blessed Mother and with all the Saints to the end of time.
"Saints look at everything with God's eyes; they measure their existence in God's light;
they do not give in to confusion because they live in reality and truth."

Cardinal Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan
† Devout Nun
† Humbly served humanity
† Desired to share in the passion of the      Christ.  
† Known as Saint Rafqa, is a Lebanese      Maronite  saint canonized by Pope John  Paul  II on June 10, 2001

June 29-1832 March 23- 1914